My Side Jobs as a Dental Hygienist

I am such a busy body and I constantly overfill my plate with more things to do, as if I need more stuff to do *rolls eyes*. That’s just who I am. I love feeling accomplished and like I am always striving for further success. I also want to spend more time with my children and work less so I always look for ways to make just a bit more money so that I can spend just a bit more time at home with them.

If you guys have been thinking about picking up a hobby or trying out a side job, this is your sign! I will be discussing my ventures with you but I am totally open to writing specific posts or step by step tutorials. I will also include my favorite books that have been helping me learn more about my side jobs (turn off your ad-blocker to see them). As always follow for content and leave comments for anything else you want to see.

Etsy Shop

Etsy used to be a platform for handmade products only. As they have been expanding and changing, they have now allowed users to list “unique” products. This gives each shop owner a bit more leeway with products they can list on the site. You no longer have to be a skilled blacksmith or leatherworker to list your products, you just need to have good ideas!

Even then, there are tons of youtube videos with great product ideas for your shop. You can list digital items which is amazing for passive income. You can list prints of art you’ve created or art from a public stock. You can buy bulk items to sell for more money in individual quantities. You can even partner with a print shop that will customize clothing anyway you’d like and send it straight to your customer without having any inventory yourself!

What I decided to do was find a supplier and buy in bulk. I do pay extra so that my products are branded with my website logo. I chose to do this so that people associate their items with my shop and come back to look for more of these products that they already trust. I can customize my own packaging and ship them out to my customers myself.

Growing on Etsy can be slow at first but it is rewarding and so fun to see your profits and customer reviews. Of course there are different ways to grow such as ads and marketing, you’ll have to factor that in to your product price. There is a lot of potential with ad creations and audience reach with social websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.


Creating a blog is probably the most painstaking way to generate income, but is totally possible and a great way to have your whole brand in one place. Again you’ll have to think about what it is you want to solve or help with. When it comes to blogging you can’t simply write anything you want. You have to find a problem that you want to help fix or help inform people about.

I understand that you want to have something for everyone but that’s not going to help you build in audience. Instead you’ll get random people stopping by for a post and never come back. You want to build trust and you want lasting visitors in order for people to take your content seriously and possibly buy anything you are selling.

“Start a blog in 30 days” (So very helpful to get your platform started and learn good foundational tools to start a blog the right way.)

Blogs are no longer solely successful based on articles written. They benefit most when you have a product or service to offer that is either given for free but is reliable, or that a customer can pay for because it will help solve their problem. Again for this to become profitable for you, you need to build trust and keep your visitors coming back.


This is a pretty newly discovered way to make extra money! Although course writing has been around for a while, there are a lot of hosting websites that make it very easy to write courses, ebooks, and other paid products. They also let you customize pricing and subscription services for your courses.

You may be thinking you have nothing to teach people. That’s not true one bit! You are on here and so you have something you are interested in. You don’t need to be an expert at anything, you just need basic knowledge of how to go about a problem. You can help people discover hidden features of their iphones and Mac computers. You can teach penmanship or origami.

” How to Write Funnier” (This book helped me in two awesome ways! I learned how to write better blog posts and how to engage my audience. )

If there is anything you know how to do, you can create a very short or long course on how to do it! Right now I have been working on a dental hygiene study course. I kept all of my notes and books from getting both my hygiene degree and my nutrition degree and so I can create great study material based on my notes and quizzes I took. I don’t necessarily have to remember everything, just be willing to review and write about it.

This is also helpful for your blog! Remember how I said blogs strive off paid products? Well ebooks and courses are great paid products for your blog to be successful and profitable.


Kind of like Etsy, there are other platforms to sell products on that work very well. Websites like Shopify allow you to pretty much build your own store rather than just a page. With this option you have the capacity to build a branded website.

Let’s say you want to start a gym clothing website for women. Some wholesale websites will allow you to have your brand printed on the labels or packaging. You can even order some samples and take photos of them to list them on your site. Marketing on your social media or creating ads at just $5/day would get you tons of traffic and orders coming in.

If you don’t want to hold inventory, you can take payments from your customers and then purchase the listings from your supplier as they come in meaning you never loose money before gaining profit.


Now that more people are working from home and students are remote learning, jobs and hours are reduced big time. Personally I’ve had to cut my schedule in half to be home at least until noon to help my children online. I make less money for my time but I have been making up for that through my side jobs.

I hope that this helps at least one person make the small leap of starting their own side job or business. Please share some of your ideas or side jobs you already have at this time. Comment on the blog or DM me on Instagram! See you soon

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