Tips for Whiter Teeth Longer

I remember being a teen and asking my dentist about whitening. He tried to talk me out of it saying:

” You don’t need that, your teeth are healthy”.

Excuse me mister dentist, that’s great that my teeth are healthy but I want a whiter smile! Like most people, I love having white teeth. A nice smile is definitely attractive and it doesn’t have to mean perfect teeth but a gleam is always nice for a confidence boost.

I love whitening my teeth and trying new products out there, but I noticed that my teeth would slightly discolor a couple weeks after a treatment. I tried many different products and finally figured out a routine to keep my teeth whiter longer in between my whitening treatments so here’s my unconventional research:

Figure out how long it takes for your teeth to discolor

I drink lot of coffee daily. I love red pasta sauce and dark wines and beer. This obviously is going to stain my teeth much faster than if I didn’t partake in any of these things. The reality is that we consume many foods and drinks that are saturated in color and stain our teeth quicker.

I noticed after just 4-6 weeks post whitening treatment, I would start to have a yellow hue again. Not that I needed a full on treatment but this is just the time frame I noticed the white fading.

If you have a treatment you like, make an attempt to write down the date you completed the treatment and try to record when you noticed the white shade fading. If your teeth start to yellow in two months, you may need to touch up at that point. More on touch ups below.

Just like cleaning your teeth every 6 months, I personally follow a 6 months whitening schedule. This does not mean I do a huge in office whitening procedure. I actually prefer to use lower concentration over time. If you are interested in knowing the whitening treatments I use and recommend to patients, I’ll link that post here.

Find a safe whitening toothpaste

The teeth whitening market has really begun to explode due to ads on social media. Unfortunately these are mostly small companies looking to make a buck and not safe or effective. Especially if you have sensitive teeth or gum recession, you really want to look into the products you are using and make sure they are right for you specifically.

Make sure the toothpaste is not abrasive. You can look up the RDA scale of toothpaste on google. I recommend staying within the RDA that the sensitive toothpastes are in. The abrasiveness of a toothpaste is similar to measuring sand paper. It is a measurement of how gritty it is and having a toothpaste that is too gritty can wear down your enamel.

Make sure it has an agent that helps with whitening such as hydrated micro silica or hydrogen peroxide. These are other agents that are not abrasive but that can whiten in addition to the abrasive agent in your toothpaste. It is a good idea to find a paste that has both in order to not have too much of either agent.

I use a Nuskin whitening toothpaste called AP 24. This stands for “Anti-plaque 24 Hours”. This toothpaste has hydrated micro silica which is a stain removing agent. It’s RDA scale is similar to the sensitive brand “Sensodyne” and I have seen awesome results in my patients as well! When I recommend this toothpaste to my patients and see them 6 months later, they have such a significant decrease in the amount of staining.

What the toothpaste does other than removing stain is coating the teeth in a gel like substance. This makes the tooth smoother and decreases the amount of stain that can adhere to your teeth. You can find this products on Amazon but I want to steer you clear of buying it there. We have noticed that there are a lot of counterfeit products on Amazon. This product is going in your mouth and even if you have to pay a few dollars extra, it’s worth every penny for your health.

I will link my code here that I email to my patients so that you can buy the toothpaste directly from the site.

C-shaped Flossing Method and Bass Brushing Method

Obviously to keep our teeth clean we need to brush and floss but is there really a “method to it”? Yes!

C-shaped flossing is when you curve the floss to follow the side of the tooth all the way up or down to the gum level. This is to be done on every side of each tooth. This helps to remove thin layers of plaque between the tooth that have the ability to solidify and adhere stain to it.

To brush using the Bass method you would hold the bristles at a 45 degree angle to the gums so that the bristles can clean just under the gum line then use small circles to gently clean the whole tooth. Take your time so you don’t accidentally skip over areas. Make sure to do a section at a time. Do not jump from lower teeth to upper teeth, progress brushing slowly.

Whitening touch ups

You don’t always have to have a full on “in office” whitening treatments to keep your teeth white. If you notice your teeth a shade or two off think about doing a touch up with a product like a whitening pen or a single whitening strip treatment.

I personally like the portability and ease of use of a whitening pen. I had recently reviewed the Moon Whitening pen and I actually liked it a lot! I painted it on my teeth in the morning and again at night for two weeks. It worked great at getting my teeth about two shades lighter and took me about 30 seconds to apply. You can find that post here.

Whitening pens are readily found online and at pharmacy stores. If you happen to have whitening strips, using just one or two treatments can be great for a little tough up as well.

My whitening routine:

  1. Full whitening treatment January
  2. Use of AP whitening toothpaste twice per day
  3. Whitening Pen for two weeks April
  4. Full whitening treatment July
  5. Repeat

This routine is sure to keep your teeth whiter in between treatments. Every person’s teeth are very different in the way they whiten and the highest whitening point they are able to reach. If you continue to whiten with reliable products and you seem not to get whiter than your current shade, you may have reached the whitest shade your teeth can get.

Always seek advice from your personal dentist and hygienist. They have seen and treated your teeth, they’ll be able to give you some good tips and advice. Chances are you can buy their products too and make sure you’re not getting expired or counterfeit products from unknown online sources.

Video on this post available on Youtube HERE!

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