Quick Ramen Jar Lunch

I had a co-worker who would eat a can of Progresso soup every day for lunch. She would always look at my lunches longingly and say she wished she had more time to make better lunches for herself.

I told her that I never spent more than 5 minutes making my lunches and that there are many ways to prepare for the week’s lunches during the weekend days. Just as I shared a couple of my lunch ideas with her, I want to share this with you and make sure everyone is happy at lunch time. I couldn’t imagine working my tail off not to have a good meal to look forward to at lunch time.

This recipe is extremely versatile and so I’m not going to attach a formal recipe document. Instead I want you to use what you have and I’m going to tell you how.

Here is what you will need:

  • Thin Noodle or pasta: such as ramen or angel hair
  • Vegetables: canned veggies work, frozen veggies work, I used chopped onions, orange peppers, and scallions
  • Flavor Paste: More on this below but this can be made in advanced and jarred for a week! Check my my post on 5 flavor paste ideas here!

Flavor Paste

I used:

Teaspoon of Hoisen Sauce

Teaspoon of soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon of sesame oil

1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes

This is the quantity I used for my one serving but you can easily double or triple in order to jar for more servings. You do not have to use any of this! You can use any flavors you want, I would just recommend you follow this template:

Teaspoon oil of choice

Seasoning of choice (Make your own mix or use a premixed seasoning)

Optional white vinegar

After you have your flavor paste made and jarred, you can start the set up. First, crunch and stuff all the noodles you’d like. I recommend breaking them up to fit more. Next, add in your veggies of choice: chopped of course! Finally a heaping tablespoon of your flavor paste. Cover and put in the fridge for tomorrow.

If you want some protein in your jar as well, you can add it in with your vegetables and noodles. Rotisserie or baked pulled chicken is a great option as well as tuna or other fish.

When you’re ready to eat your ramen-in-a-jar, simply heat up or boil some water, pour into jar over all contents and let sit for about 3 minutes. Finally mix and enjoy!

If boiling water is not an option, fill jar with any water temperature and microwave for 3 minutes making sure to stir halfway. Hope you guys like this one, I can’t wait to hear how you improvised on this recipe. If you need more ideas on different flavor pastes I’ve made, click here!

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