Questions YOU NEED to ask during YOUR interview

Choose 4-5 of these that you like the best, modify them to your liking and bring them on your interviews. Your interviewer will be appreciative and impressed that you want to learn more about their practice. Don’t forget to take notes of their responses.  

Questions Regarding Patients

  1. How long do you give for new patient appointments?
  2. How long do you give per quadrant for SRP?
  3. What is your stance on sealants and ages as far as lowering dental caries risk?
  4. How does the ideal dental exam go, what would you like me to lead with?
  5. What is your policy on pre-medication?

Questions Regarding Goals 

  1. What are the daily goals for each hygienist or the hygiene team?
  2. What is your ideal hygienist like?
  3. Do you still take new patients and if so how many is the goal per month?
  4. Could I see an example of a typical day?

Questions to Find out more about the Dentist

  1. What are some challenges your are facing as a dental practice currently?
  2. What are some changes you are looking forward to for the practice?
  3. What are some new technologies in the dental field that you look forward to?
  4. What is one thing you took away from dental school that you still hold true today?
  5. What are pros and cons about young hygienists and older hygienists?

Questions Regarding the Office

  1. What training if any do you provide for the staff each year?
  2. How does this office promote team building?
  3. Does the office go to any dental events or conference annually or biannual?
  4. What makes this office stand out to patients, what feedback do you most often get?
  5. Are there uniforms or particular colors I need to wear?
  6. What dental software do you use?

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