How to Boost Your Productivity as an RDH

Making a profit as a private dental office can be a touchy subject. There's a fine line drawn between recommending a product someone can benefit from and selling a product because there's money to be made. The last thing you want to do is making your patient feel uncomfortable because you are always sale-sy. I [...]

My dental transformation goals

As a young child I had SEVERAL dental problems including an open bite, overgrown tongue, crowding issues, and a congenitally missing tooth. With that being said, I had braces when I was 15 including a palatal butterfly. After five long years of orthodontic treatment, I didn't wear my retainer. Wearing the retainer would have prevented [...]

Questions YOU NEED to ask during YOUR interview

Choose 4-5 of these that you like the best, modify them to your liking and bring them on your interviews. Your interviewer will be appreciative and impressed that you want to learn more about their practice. Don't forget to take notes of their responses.   Questions Regarding Patients How long do you give for new patient appointments?How long do [...]