My dental transformation goals

As a young child I had SEVERAL dental problems including an open bite, overgrown tongue, crowding issues, and a congenitally missing tooth.

With that being said, I had braces when I was 15 including a palatal butterfly. After five long years of orthodontic treatment, I didn’t wear my retainer. Wearing the retainer would have prevented a lot of shifting due to open spacing where my adult #4 would be.

Soooo…I currently have a lot of spacing especially on the right side along with the open margin (#4 space) that is no longer big enough for an implant. In turn, of course, I want: my spacing gone, implant in, and consistent tooth shape. So I have 4 specific goals which are:

Goal #1 Get Invisalign

Goal #2 Implant for #4

Goal #3 Whiten

Goal #4 Anterior upper Veneers

Now, I don’t know if I will actually get all of these done. My priorities are the Invisalign and the implant, however this list is an ideal situation. I am super excited to get these steps started and am currently working with my own employer to get my impressions and photos taken! So hang on and enjoy the ride with me through my dental journey.

Edit May 2020

I am currently undergoing Invisalign which started late October 2019. Normally I would change my tray every 2 weeks for a tighter one. Being that we are in quarantine, my orthodontist’s office is closed. They have all my trays and only give my 6 at a time so that they can check my progress every 12 weeks or so.

I have now been on the same tray (#9) for about 10 weeks now. This will defiantly slow my progress and I was hoping to have the Invisalign and Implant done before my wedding summer 2021.

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