5 Affiliate Programs Anyone Can Make Money Off Of!

1. Twice Toothpaste

If you believe in Oral Health and love white teeth, this is a great option for you. You do not need to be a dental expert to be an affiliate. This new company’s website has a partnership link at the bottom of their web page and so there is an application process.

They then will invite you to a Facebook group where you can find more information and videos about the company, their team, and events coming up. There will be tons of info on how to be a successful affiliate such as training, access to zoom calls, basically everything you need to grow in this business if you wanted to. However you could just share your code and get commission if that’s the only thing you wanted to do.

How much do they pay: 

$2 per toothpaste sale, commission may vary based on any other products they may add in the future.

How does it work: 

Go to their web page and scroll to the bottom, click “Partnerships” and fill out the application provided. You will later get an email outlining their affiliate platform page Refersion.com and how to sign in. Usually the sign in is the email and password you applied with. Who ever uses your link will have a cookie following them all over the site (lol!!) and when they check out any purchased items would go under you.

Click Here to check ’em out

2. Nuskin

This one is particularly neat because it can be an online money maker for you or even a physical business for you. It’s basically a huge aesthetic company and they have thousands of products.

Online side: 

You can make your own page within their website and link all the items you like form their company onto that page. Anyone who uses your link will enter that page and can buy from your store and BOOM you get commission. I can’t tell you exactly how much because it varies based on the products you link to your page but they have both very affordable products and high end as well.

Physical side: 

As an affiliate you have access to their wholesale prices. For example their whitening toothpaste AP24 has been all over social media. The affiliates pay $10 for the toothpaste and sell it for $20. You can do this with any of their products again including very high end products. You could essentially start your own sales company in which you sell high end items to locals spas and salons!

Here’s my page on there website, take a look so you can see how yours would look

3. Amazon

Yes anyone can be an Amazon affiliate! There is a catch however in that you need to make some sales within 180 days. If you can do that, the potential is endless.


First go to Amazon and scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a link that says “Become an Affiliate”. You’ll need to tell them where you plan to promote the items. You’ll want to link your socials such as Instagram or Facebook and any websites you have.

You then will have a page that you can look for specific items and get codes for. Your item link will either be a photo link or a URL link for a post on Instagram for example. That’s it! They keep track of anything that is bought once they click your link and yes that includes items other than the one you initially had the link for!

4. Quip Power Toothbrush

This is another dental one but has amazing commission rates! Anyone can sign up on their website Getquip.com

About Quip: 

They are a power toothbrush company that focuses on hygiene and dental health. They specialize in battery powered power toothbrushes with no bulky charging cords or bases. They are among the first to pioneer a brush head replacement program. With a subscription you would automatically get a toothbrush head and battery replacement every 3 months. They are popular for their ease of use and travel.


Go to their website and scroll to the bottom. Click “Contact Us” and you’ll see a series of email links for different inquires. One will be labeled “Partners” and here you would email the link and tell them that you are interested in becoming an affiliate.


Once you make an account you will get a link in which people will click on and will shop. They pay out a percentage of what the buyer buys so that varies per item. The first time I sold something through them it seemed to be about 20%! Your link gives the buyer $5 off their first toothbrush head replacement so this is a great way to get your audience to become interested. You will have access to a dashboard that tracks your clicks and also gives you great images to use in your posts.

Using my link will get you your first free toothbrush head and battery if you were thinking about getting a new power toothbrush or just wanted to give them a look!

Click Here

5. Rakuten formally known as Ebates

About Rakuten: 

Major retailers sign up with Rakuten when they are having a sale, offering a coupon, or looking to gain sales and will thus pay Rakuten to send buyers their way. On the flip side Rakuten will give you part of that payout. This can make you money in two ways.

First, if you are the buyer you will get what is called a rebate back. This is a percentage of your purchase that you get back. The second way you can make money is by referring people. When they sign up with Rakuten, you get a payout and so do the buyers. Make sure you tell your audience they will get free money when you give them the link! The payout is usually $10 but they often have promotions or times out of the year when it is $20-$30 per person you refer.


Go to Rakuten.com and sign up with them. I will link my code HERE so that you can start off with money in your account right away. You will be given a code and that’s it, Tell your audience!

If you have a substantial following already you can further apply for their Influencer account which gives you more of a payout and perks! For this application you will find the link at the bottom of your page once you make an account with them. You will see a link titled “Are you an Influencer” and you would click “Apply now” right under. It will bring you to another page where you will fill out the application.

Links or photos within this post may be associated with an affiliate program and may allow me to have a small commission. Thank you for your time and support of this blog!

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