How to make sure your Resume is Remembered!

Being remembered is a total mind game. I’m going to give you a few tips on how to get that resume remembered and get job offers even before you graduate hygiene school!

A month before I was scheduled to take my National Boards, I hand delivered my resumes and ended up getting job offers from all of them because of these tips so read this post and bookmark it for later to come back to.

1. Make a list 

Before graduation, research potential places around you that you would like to work at. Write down the office address and doctor’s information. Write one thing you like about that office that makes it stand out and another sentence on why you feel this way. Keep this list, it is going to help you immensely!

2. Personalize

Your cover letter is going to have the same foundation every time you print it out. This is where your trusty list comes in hand. You are going to address each doctor by name and address. at the top.

3. Flatter yourself and the Doctor 

Now mind game time! Your cover letter is going to be 3 easy paragraphs.

  • The first is going to be your introduction where you disclose your name, title, and what position you are applying for.
  • The second paragraph is the gold. Take out your list again and look at what you wrote about this office. You are going to use this to flatter the doctor and then bring the flattery back to yourself to tell the doctor why you are so valuable to them.

“While researching local dental offices, I noticed your specific attention to patients with dental anxiety. This resonated with me because I had the opportunity to work in at risk demographics and found that dental anxiety is high within this population….”

“While looking at your website I noticed you specialize in periodontics. This resonated with me because I believe that periodontal education is very important to the overall longevity of the teeth….”

  • Third paragraph is going to ask the doctor for a meeting to discus the topic further. Tell them how you look forward to hearing back from them and thank them for their consideration. Lastly give them the best time to reach you, your contact info is at the top so you don’t need to re-state that.

4. Paper Quality Matters

When the dentist has a stack of resumes you want them to notice yours. You want them to pick up yours. You want them to remember yours. Card stock is thicker paper so it will literally feel different. You should also think about a color similar to but not exactly white. I used a light gray and off white. Do not make it obnoxious, just a bit different.

5. Kick it Old School

FINALLY kick it old school and hand deliver your resume. If you hand deliver your resume you will meet people that work at that office. They will remember you and be able to put a face with that awesome resume. You have this opportunity to make a first impression so take this opportunity! You also might have the chance to meet other people in the office. Going in around lunch time may mean the doctor or other hygienists can meet you right then and there. However do your research on their hours, some offices lock the doors at lunch.

Question: What other tips could you add to this list?

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