Top 5 Whitening products Recommended by Dental Hygienist

Coming from someone who whitens different types of teeth all the time, I can tell you there is no instant whitening tool. All these ads and promotions you see are a huge waste of money.

No fear, I’m hear to give you the top products I found that do work and I will break down how they work and prices. 

5. Colgate Optic White $129-$199

Kit Includes: LED whitening device with charging case, 20 whitening gel tubes with 9% Hydrogen peroxide gel for 10 day treatment,

Use: Use for 10 days, upper and lower teeth, just 10 minutes per day to get results that you would get from a professional in office treatment, designed to have no sensitivity

Word from me: In video I price it as I saw on their site but after making this post I found it on Amazon for a lot cheaper!

4. Glo Science Whitening $129-199

Kit Includes: Heat and LED whitening device, rechargeable battery pack, 7 whitening tubes 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, shade guide, storage case, lip care product

Use: Whitening light timed for 8 minute sessions, Intended for 3 consecutive sessions a day for 7 days, vegan, designed to have no sensitivity

Word from me: Less concentration than Colgate and less overall intended treatment time so that is why this is listed as #4 but still works great and gets an overall professional quality whitening effect. Can be found at Sephora and their own website, prices seem to vary.

3. Philips Zoom Nite White $30-40

Kit Includes: Mouth trays to boil and make custom fit, three syringes of 22% Carbamide peroxide

Use: They have a variety of kits but this one includes mouth trays which you will need in order to wear the gel unless you have mouth trays already, then you can just by syringes of the gel. Intended for over night use. 22% of Carbamide Peroxide converts to about 7% Hydrogen peroxide, more about that below!

Word from me: This is a lot more affordable than the other two but it does not have a light and works over a longer period of time. Be careful buying on Amazon because people tend to sell dupes, do some research on different sites and what the packaging looks like.

2. Crest Whitening Strips $30-40

Kit Includes: (depends which ones you buy) 20 strips with uppers and lowers in each packet, 6-9% Hydrogen Peroxide, again depends on which ones you buy

Use: Most are intended for 30 minute/day treatments for about 14 days or more

Word from me: Buy the good ones if you are going to invest in whitening anyways. They wont slip everywhere and you’ll still be able to talk. Plus the more expensive ones usually have the higher concentration.

1. Whitening Pen, Brand Varies $10-20

Kit Includes: Pen with gel inside, some kits will include more than one pen

Use: Click or twist to get gel into bristles. Brush onto teeth and let st for usually 30 minutes. I recommend getting a boil and bite mouth tray from Amazon or your local pharmacy because saliva washes it away faster and it is hard to keep your mouth open and free from saliva.

Word from me: Concentrations will vary but this is a very simple product and so you can go shopping around for different brands. I’d stick to ones that have around 6-7% Hydrogen Peroxide or about 18-22% Carbamide Peroxide. I am currently in process of reviewing Kendell Jenner’s Moon whitening pen so stay tuned for a post on that. That one you can find at Ulta Beauty for $20.

Difference of Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide

Carbamide Peroxide will turn into Hydrogen Peroxide by releasing a double Oxygen bond so it releases slower than Hydrogen peroxide. One just works faster than the other not necessarily better. For mathematical purposes Hydrogen Peroxide is 3x more concentrated than Carbamide Peroxide so:

30% Carbamide Peroxide is about 10% Hydrogen Peroxide

You do not want to use over 10% Hydrogen Peroxide at home because it can burn your gums and tissues inside your mouth. High concentrations are what is reserved for dental offices, where they will cover and barrier your tissues from getting burned. High concentration is also more likely to lead to tooth sensitivity although some people may just be prone to sensitivity in any concentration.

Leave a comment down below on any questions you have or what you guys are using! Thank you for stopping by!

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