Kendall Jenner Moon Whitening Pen

Many people believe that fashion icon Kendall Jenner launched her very own oral care line called Moon Oral Care. However the line is actually a collaboration with the owner Shaun Neff. No doubt he made the right move in his business choice!

Moon Oral Care is a brand of oral care products found online and in stores such as Ulta Beauty and even Target. Their range of items and packaging is impressive to say the least. All black, sleek, and just a joy to look at. The design pulls your eye right to their items even among other oral care brands and goodies at their side.

Whether you are looking for whitening products or oral health products, they have quite the line which includes:

  • Whitening Pen
  • Moon Dust- Teeth Whitening Paste Booster
  • Stain Removing Toothpaste without fluoride
  • Activated Charcoal Toothpaste without Fluoride
  • Stain Removing Toothpaste with Fluoride
  • Poppin’ Breath Mints
  • Stain prevention Teeth Wipes
  • String Floss
  • Packages Flossers
  • Soft Bristle Manual Toothbrush 2-pack
  • Activated Charcoal Mouth Rinse

Little Hack: if you look up the product and wait to buy, it will likely end up on your Insta ads with a whooping 40% off. I suggest you wait for an ad to buy! I did not do this sadly.


I bought the whitening pen from Ulta Beauty for about $20. In my opinion, this is a moderately fair price. All their items seem to be fairly priced to be honest. Whitening pens are really for touch ups and less for a full on whitening treatment. That being said, you can find them pretty widely at stores like Target and CVS. I tend to find that the average price is around $10-15. The Moon Whitening Pen is on the more expensive side but this comes with the packaging and of course the fashion mogul that is Kendall.

How to Use

Per package instructions you are to use the product for two weeks at least! After opening the package you click the bottom of the pen until the gel starts to come out of the bristles. You then paint a thin layer on the teeth and let this set for about 30 seconds BEFORE you close. After 30 seconds you can close and if you must swallow it is okay to do so. You would follow this same routine two times per day for at least 14 days. You want to make sure not to eat or drink for 10 minutes after application as well as avoid teeth staining food and drinks for the duration of the treatment (2 weeks).

Taste: The product came in mint vanilla but all in all it is a whitening product and has a sour flavor

Consistency: Thin, not sticky which is a shame because I feel like once I closed my mouth the product was just taken off with my saliva


  • Thickening Agents
  • Urea Peroxide (Read below to see how this works)
  • Organic Stevia
  • Violet Mica
  • Honeysuckle Flower Extract
  • Strawberry Extract
  • Lavender Oil
  • Flavoring Agents


I ended up using the whitening pen two times per day for 18 days consecutively. I decided to also use my Invisalign trays as a mode to keep the gel on once I closed my mouth in order to give the products the best shot. Once I applied the thin layer of whitening gel, I waited the 30 seconds with my mouth open. Once I was ready to close, I put on my Invisalign trays so that my saliva did not take away any of the product.

After 18 days I noticed a slight difference in my teeth shade. I would say the total amount of shades I increased was about 2. Again whitening pens are really only touch up products and not a full on whitening treatment. This being said 2 shades is what to be expected from such a product. I suggest purchasing some kind of mouth tray if you don’t have one already. I honestly don’t see how the product can stay on your teeth once you close because it is so thin and does not have a sticky quality to it.

If you are looking for a touch up product only, this does the job!

The Whitening Agent Urea Peroxide

Urea Peroxide is also known as Carbamide Peroxide. This agent and hydrogen peroxide is what you will see in most teeth whitening products. Hydrogen Peroxide is more potent than the other two in a 1:3 ratio. This is not to say one works better than the other at all!

This only means that at very high concentrations you must be careful! “At home kits” containing hydrogen peroxide will be up to 9% and anything over that has great risk of burning your gums so they are usually reserved for the dental offices. On that same note, at home products that are made with Carbamide Peroxide will be up to 27% . (Same as 9% Hydrogen Peroxide) At home products are to be used over time but still get to the same result as the in office products. The only difference is how fast they get there.

“After looking into your inquiry, unfortunately we would not be able to give that propriety information. However, we would always recommend consulting with a dentist before use.”

Moon Customer Service

Moon Oral Care does not disclose the concentration of their whitening pen. I tried to contact them and ask but they still did not yield their answer. Even not knowing the exact concentration, I know that it is low due to the amount of shades I went up and the product type it is. The only thing that really annoyed me is that:

  1. Most popular brands will disclose this info because it’s important to know what you are using in your mouth.
  2. In order to consult with a dentist, the dentist needs to know exactly what I am using and the darn concentration!

Final Thoughts

All in all the product works as advertised if you use a mouth guard to keep it in place, however if you are looking for an actual whitening treatment and not a touch up, this is not the product for you.

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